I am New. How do I enrol?

Hi, we are here to help you enrol into the correct class at Gymbaroo and give your child the maximum benefit of the program.

The Gymbaroo program is designed to follow the brain development of the child which changes quite dramatically every 6 months. The program for each age group has been written to make the most of that particular stage of development.

The classes are named after Australian animals because they mirror the skills that are happening in that age group. For example the just walking one year olds are PENGUINS. When they get to 18mths and start climbing they are KOALAS. At 2yrs of age they start jumping and are WALLABIES. At two and a half when they are jumping strongly with both feet all the time they are called KANGAROOS. At three years of age when they are doing a lot of upside down hanging we call this group POSSUMS. At 4 years when they are running like mad we call them EMUS and are working on School Readiness.

The babies classes are divided into NON MOBILE and MOBILE BABIES. Non mobile babies are all babies from 6 weeks of age until they start moving forwards on their tummies and commando crawling. Mobile babies are all babies who are commando crawling or creeping on all fours.

On the timetable page there is a simple table which helps you work out the correct class for your child by going to the square that matches the month and year that they were born.

Once you have worked out what age group your child is in then you can see the times and days available on the timetable.

The availability of the classes is by colour on the timetable.

FULL Class is full
LIMITED Class is filling up
AVAILABLE Places available

If you move the mouse over the class that you want, a box will appear with more information.

If there are places available in the class there will be an Enrol button.

If the class is full there will be a Waiting List button.

There will also be a description of the class for you to read.

There is always a priority enrolment period when the currently enrolled children have first choice for the class they want and then we go to waiting list people and the general public.