Our Mission – The Best Start in Life for Your Child!

Our mission at Gymbaroo is to help parents and carers learn about the importance of early childhood development in relation to later school learning, and it all starts the day your child is born.

Why GymbaROO is the best start in life for your child

Gymbaroo Illawarra 1 years class hanging our mission   Gymbaroo Illawarra 3 years - 4 years class our mission wobble board to refine balance

Did you know that at 3 years of age your child’s mind had completed its fastest growth phase?  Did you know that brain growth stems from early movement and sensory opportunities?

Our mission is to teach parents the correct exercises, movements and fun and games to promote natural development and growth of their baby’s brain.  We encourage you to repeat these exercises at home to reinforce neural connections making them stronger and faster.

Gymbaroo Illawarra Non Mobile Babies class our missionrocking   Gymbaroo Illawarra Non Mobile Babies class our missionmusic

The years from birth to five are critical for gaining the essential building blocks for later learning and intellectual development.  Baby play experiences in the first year of life need to provide baby with sensory and movement opportunities that enable higher brain functions to inhibit involuntary reflex actions (primitive reflexes) and activate important, life-long postural reflexes.

Gymbaroo Illawarra our missionCreepers Crawlers Obstacle Course   Gymbaroo Illawarra Babies class our mission sensory input

Toddlers require opportunities to play in ways that repetitively stimulate motor action and  motor planning.  They then begin to integrate sensory, motor and thinking skills.  We provide activities that stimulate the senses – massage, feely toys, sight and sound. Importantly we promote the understanding of concepts such as in/out, up/down, over/under.

Gymbaroo Illawarra our mission concepts over under through

Our qualified teachers will lead you and your child through a structured 10 week program with a new central theme each term.

The program includes large equipment, small equipment, bubbles, massage, exercise, dancing, singing, rhythm activities, sensory stimulation, finger rhymes, body awareness,parachute and much more.


The large equipment set up is altered every three weeks to give your child a good chance to practice and master that particular set up. Then newer challenges appear as the set up changes.  Our equipment is designed to promote hand-eye co-ordination, muscle tone, strength and agility, and balance.  These are achieved through running, climbing, creeping, hanging, rolling, tumbling and spinning – in all age groups.

Gymbaroo Illawarra Our mission 3 years - 4 years large equipment set upGymbaroo Illawarra large equipment collage tiger week our missionGymbaroo Illawarra large equipment collage aquarium week our mission

Gymbaroo offers a unique opportunity to be pro-actively involved in your child’s development from birth – an awesome way to be involved in your child’s future potential to learn and succeed socially, emotionally, actively and academically.

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