Policies & Procedures

Make Up Lesson Policy

Missed classes may be made up on another day during the current term and are subject to availability. Make up classes are only available on classes that you have given us prior knowledge by phone email or text that you will not be attending. This is only fair so that we can book in another family for a makeup class in your place. Classes can not be carried over to the next term. Please advise staff on which day you wish to do your make up to confirm availability. If you book a make up class and fail to get to that class, your make up cannot be rebooked.

Off with Shoes and Socks

Children need bare feet so they can experience the activities through all the senses. Children gain a lot of information through their feet. Bare feet will assist their grip on the equipment and is an insurance requirement. Parents also need to remove their shoes so we can keep the equipment and floor clean for the children.

Membership Forms

When you first enrol you will receive a membership form. Please fill in your membership form as it is essential for your child to be enrolled at GymbaROO and be covered by insurance. These forms are kept securely by us and we do not allow their use by anyone else for marketing purposes.

Timetable Changes

Sometimes we need to adjust our timetable at the beginning of a term to ensure the classes run well for each child. If this affects the class you are booked into, we will contact you to let you know about the change.

Fee Refund/Deferment Policy

Fee Refunds

GYMBAROO ILLAWARRA does not offer refunds for fees paid. Upon paying fees for a term or 3 week trial you have considered and committed to the GymbaROO program.

In extenuating circumstances an application for a refund may be applied for in writing however all refunds will incur an Administration Fee of $30.

Refunds are calculated from the date the centre is informed of your intention to cancel, less the admin fee. If the notification is received the same day as your scheduled class that session is not include in the refund.

When re-enrolling after a refund, fees will be charged at the current rate.

No refunds will be given for classes missed. Please refer to our Class Make Up Policy.

Fees are non transferable to another child or family.

Fee Deferments

An application for a deferment of fees may be applied for either in writing or by informing one of our staff. You have 3 terms following the deferred term to reactivate your fees, then fees will be forfeited. When fees are deferred, upon return to GymbaROO the current fee rate applies and you will be required to pay the difference between the rate you were on and the current rate if any.

Music at Gymbaroo

At GymbaROO, music is an integral part of all our sessions including exercise, dance, massage and rhythm.

Each term has its own special GymbaROO music which includes most of the music for exercises and dances – as well as our Hello and Good-bye songs! The term music can be ordered online at tessarose.co.nz/gymbaroo-kindyroo.

A special series of movement music for 3 year olds and older have been created for GymbaROO called Look At Me I’m Moving – Volumes 1, 2 & 3 with lots of laterality exercises. It is this music that is used extensively in our emus classes and also our possums classes.

Baby’s and Crawlers can benefit from Babies Dances where many of the exercises and dances from class can be found. There is also Babies Volumes 1 & 2 which includes songs and exercises linked with the Treasure Bag each week.

If your child is ill?

If your child is ill on their GymbaROO day it is best to stay home and book in for a make-up class. We reserve the right to refuse entry to class to any child who presents with a known infectious or contagious condition. Signs of infection include: fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, a cough with mucus secretions, a runny nose showing greenish nasal mucus (a clear runny nose is acceptable), a rash (other than nappy or heat rash), and green/yellow discharge from eyes or from a wound. 24 hours must pass between signs of illness and attending a GymbaROO class. Thank you for your consideration.


GymbaROO provides you with a special opportunity to be a part of the class with your enrolled child. Together you will have fun and learn and your child will treasure your undivided attention.

It is preferable not to bring siblings along. However, as this is not always practical, siblings are welcomed if they do not interfere with the normal class activities. As they are not insured, they are not allowed to go on the equipment, and they should be closely supervised at all times. We ask that young children be seated in strollers and older children sit to the side to observe.

Some parents prefer to ENROL both children in a class so they are covered by insurance and can both participate in the class. If you believe this may suit you, please call June to discuss.

No Chat Zone

Shhhhhhh… please don’t chat through our classes!

GymbaROO classes are fun and challenging for all children. Your child needs your help in focusing on the task and remembering complicated sequences.

While catching up with friends in class makes GymbaROO fun for you, it is very distracting for the children as well as for the teacher. Our sessions are only 45-60 minutes and your help is needed to bring your child back on task. For these reasons we ask you not to chat in class – perhaps have a coffee before or after class instead.

Remember, the more enthusiastic and involved you are as parents, the more fun everyone will have. Very young children can only concentrate for small amounts of time – so they need you to concentrate for them and to repeat the instructions and challenges. Your children delight in seeing you singing and dancing and jumping along. When you participate fully – then they are more likely to.

Enthusiasm can work miracles!

Food Free Zone

At GymbaROO there are a number of children enrolled who have severe allergic reactions to a wide range of different food products. To make GymbaROO a safe environment for everyone we ask you not to bring any food or drink (except water) into our centres. If your child has eaten peanut butter or other nut products prior to their GymbaROO class, please wash their hands before starting their session – or preferably save these treats for after GymbaROO. Peanut and other allergies are life threatening and traces of these foods are easily transferred from your child’s fingers or clothes to our equipment.

We thank you for your understanding and consideration.