We really enjoy it, June is great

Amie - Towradgi

Thank you for providing such a great service and we are looking forward to another term of fun, games and leanring new and exciting things.

Beti - Mt Warrigal

Fabulous teachers who take the time to get to know the mums and children.

Caregiver Survey - Towradgi

After devoting so much of my time to educating young children, I felt it was important to find activities with quality programs for my own son. I found this and more at Gymbaroo. at my son's first class I could see that the teachers were all highly trained, and that the program's were based on solid and substantial theories regarding early childhood development and education. These theories have also played a key role in the care of my nephew who was diagnosed as having a moderate developmental disability. Both my son and Nephew love practicing all things Gymbaroo and have no idea that they are exercising or how much they are learning.

Carley - Wollongong

It is lovely to see my child's little face light up and interact with other kids and the teacher

Client 1 - Towradgi

My son is so proud of himself after having conquered a new Gymbaroo activity - our teacher's enthusiasm and commitment are second to none!

Client 2 - Towradgi

The new management is fantastic, glad you are all back! You are doing a great job, we look forward to each week.

Client 3 - Towradgi

The teddy bear theme has been great this term, the kids talk about it afterwards! I found this term in particular was very interactive with Mr Teddy (Teddy's Adventures).

Client 4 - Towradgi

Very happy with all aspects of Gymbaroo, my child loves it.

Client Survey - Towradgi

I have 3 kids and they all went to Gymbaroo - 16, 14 and now my 2 year old. Great job!

Julie Chiaverini - Balgownie

Carley is great, my child loves her, its always great to come here

Kirste - Towradgi

We love gymbaroo and wish there was one closer to home! Natalie loves the class - we wish we could come 2 days a week!

Lisa and Natalie Parsons - Cordeaux Heights

I always look forward to seeing how the activities are set out.

Lynne - Towradgi

June is very approachable, genuine and knowledgable. Jenny has always made us feel most welcome.

Nicole - Towradgi

Hello, my son was 6 weeks old when we started and he hasnt looked back since, i would recommend parents joining as it is alot of fun for you and your child!!!

Nicole and Caden - Koonawarra

My child just loves coming to Gymbaroo and always talks about what she did and her teachers. Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful and valuable experience every friday.

Nicole C - Towradgi

Such a wonderful time for children and carer.

Parent Survey - Balgownie

Our teacher is great and she is the reason I continue with Gymbaroo because of her great knowledge.

Parent Survey 1 - Balgownie

Gymbaroo is an excellent opportunity for me to learn how to help my daughter with her development and she has a ball!

Parent Survey 10 - Balgownie

My child has a ball at Gymbaroo and extends himself in ways I could never conjure up at home! The teachers and assistants are full of knowledge and energy and we love it.

Parent Survey 11 - Balgownie

Neuro handouts are really helpful - good practical information. Gives parents a head start in knowing how to assist their children to use the equipment and how to promote skill development at home.

Parent Survey 12 - Balgownie

I have found Gymbaroo to be an extemely rewarding experience for me and my child.

Parent Survey 2 - Balgownie

Gymbaroo is great fun for myself and son. I rave about it to all other parents!

Parent Survey 3 - Balgownie

I feel that I am doing the best for my child in getting and receiving experience and self confidence. And I am also learning. I did it for my first child and now my 2nd. If I have any more I would definately be there again. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Parent Survey 4 - Balgownie

My child has blossomed with gross motor skills and confidence in climbing which has been a great relief!

Parent Survey 5 - Towradgi

Using a tried and true recipe of repetition and consistency works very well with toddlers in particular.

Parent Survey 5 - Balgownie

Both my daughter and I look forward to the fun, laughter, music, dance and skill development at Gymbaroo.

Parent Survey 6 - Balgownie

Absolutely love Gymbaroo. Staff are excellent and my son thoroughly enjoys the classes. Thank you!

Parent Survey 7 - Balgownie

Very friendly, welcoming and always available for questions. FANTASTIC STAFF!!!

Parent Survey 8 - Balgownie

I feel my son is developing incredibly well, due to both our regular Gymbaroo sessions and the information given to me by Gymbaroo to read.

Parent Survey 9 - Balgownie

Our assistant Jenny is friendly and extremely helpful.

Pennie C - Towradgi

GymbaROO is a fantastic learning experience for both myself and my son. He loves coming along each week and I love watching him develop. Good work GymbaROO!!!

Samantha - Fairy Meadow

My daughter gets so excited each week when we go to GymbaROO. It has really become a part of our lives and I can really see the difference it makes for her.

Sue - Bulli

Thank you to the staff at Gymbaroo. They are warm, friendly and always over deliver with customer service. I find they are helpful not only with the children but very supportive with parents needs too.

Client 'A' - Parent Survey 2016

We love Gymbaroo and hope to continue until (xxxx) is at school. June and Elise are wonderful.

Client 'B' - Parent Survey 2016

June, El and Trish have run a brilliant program that we have been coming to since our son was 3 months old.

Client 'C' - Parent Survey 2016

Gymbaroo helps to build parents confidence, meet new people and get out of the house. It also provides a range of resources/networks to assist with child's growth long term. I love Gymbaroo and think its a great asset to the Wollongong local area.

Client 'D' - Parent Survey 2016

I have three children who all enjoy their time each week at Gymbaroo.

Client 'E' - Parent Survey 2016

Treasure bag time has helped with attention span while listening to a teacher. I can see this being very useful at school.

Client 'F' - Parent Survey 2016

The Berkeley Centre is a great location, venue and much better space.

Client 'G' - Parent Survey 2016

When having issues with my daughter they went above and beyond helping me understand and providing info sheets and weblinks!

Client 'H' - Parent Survey 2016

Extremely happy with our child's development. Great set up and an amazing social environment.

Client 'I' - Parent Survey 2016

The program is excellent and it gives great ideas for activities at home.

Client 'J' - Parent Survey 2016

I only wish we started it sooner. A fantastic program.

Client 'K' - Parent Survey 2016