Treasure Bag – Loved By All


Treasure Bag presents tactile experiences including word and picture exposure.  Designed to provide a wide and varied exposure to familiar and unfamiliar objects.  Children are shown the three dimensional object, the word that represents that object and a picture of the object.  Thus creating a whole sense of what that object is, enhancing the ability for the child to visualise it in the mind.  Importantly being able to automatically recall the object and experience at a later date.  This skill is especially relevant to later learning at school with reading, writing and story telling.

   Gymbaroo Illawarra treasure bag fishing week leisure program  seagull art for treasure bag gymbaroo illawarra toddlers class 2 years


Children are encouraged to participate in treasure bag time, bringing along their own item to place in the treasure bag.  Perhaps bringing a toy representation of that item which they have at home.  Some bring a picture found in a book or artwork that they have completed themselves.

   gymbaroo illawarra treasure bag fishing theme craft  kookaburra painted as a seagull for treasure bag week for seagull nannas idea toddler class the sea gymbaroo illawarra


This part of our program encourages and develops brilliant language, social skills and sharing behaviours.  More importantly it fosters imagination and visual imaging, memory and concept development.  Therefore strengthening neural pathways, developing pre-reading skills, also visual tracking skills.  Most of all – its FUN!

   Gymbaroo Illawarra treasure bag 30 -36 months fishing week for leisure program   turtle art for treasure bag toddlers class at gymbaroo illawarra the sea program



Our five year Gymbaroo program is designed for variety.  Your child will never have the same item in the treasure bag twice.  Offering two hundred different opportunities to immerse your child in an object that they may never have actually considered before.  One of our children crafted this wonderful Toucan at home.   He was so proud to bring in for the treasure bag during our ‘Animals of the world part 2’ term. These fabulous Peacock’s featured during ‘Teddy’s Adventures’ program.  Our leisure program saw the children make awesome craft for ‘fishing’ week.


Gymbaroo Illawarra Treasure bag fishing week leisure program  Gymbaroo Illawarra treasure bag fishing week leisure program


Creative endeavours made by your little one will blow you away. Be surprised by how invested they become in treasure bag time.  Some plan ahead for weeks with items they have found or created.  Watching these children share and talk about their objects is a joy.

The theme is carried across to our songs, poems, dances and massage rhymes.  Large equipment is influenced by the theme in the form of puzzles, colour, games, pictures.  Children are fully immersed in the experience, creating a muti-faceted opportunity for learning and language.




Spring on the Farm and Term 3 Familiar Objects for Babies

Week Day Start Toddler Baby
Week 1 25/07/2019 farmer cat
Week 2 27/07/2019 tractor necklace
Week 3 03/08/2019 cow bird
Week 4 10/08/2019 sheep apple
Week 5 17/08/2019 horse clock
Week 6 24/08/2019 pig doll
Week 7 31/08/2019 rooster cow
Week 8 07/09/2019 duck brush
Week 9 14/09/2019 rabbit orange
Week 10 21/09/2019 scarecrow bed