Creepers/Crawlers – Creating Strong Foundations

The crawlers program is aimed at the now mobile baby.  Once your baby is trying to move, pushing backwards, turning around in circles on their tummy – they are ready for the challenges of the Crawlers program.

Creepers Crawlers Sensory Gymbaroo Illawarra   Gymbaroo Illawarra Creepers Crawlers class mat play

Important time is given to massage and strengthening their upper body. This is such an important stage of development, strengthening the neural pathways, and sensory pathways at the same time as developing strength and muscle tone in their little bodies.

Crawlers will learn balance and learn to sit up when their back muscles have developed the appropriate strength naturally. The activities we do challenge crawlers to focus and concentrate more readily, to hold equipment e.g. maracas or fly swats and to negotiate obstacle courses and tunnels and most of all to explore their surroundings.

Gymbaroo Illawarra Creepers Crawlers Obstacle Course   Creepers Crawlers Tunnel Gymbaroo Illawarra

We will do more work on the vestibular and tactile pathways, gently bouncing on the trampoline, swinging and rolling. We will encourage them to crawl up and down ramps and slides and over more complicated obstacles.


Creepers Crawlers Swinging Gymbaroo Illawarra   Gymbaroo Illawarra Creepers Crawlers Vestibular stimulation

We will continue exposing crawlers to sounds, words, songs, rhymes and rhythms – all of which lay the groundwork for the language skills that are soon to develop.

Remember, crawling is a vital stage in your child’s development for effective future learning. It is not how quickly they achieve this stage that is important, but how much they experience during it.

Soon, your crawler will start to creep by lifting their tummy and putting more weight on hands and knees, creeping may not last long, but is very important as they develop the muscle tone and co-ordinaton needed for walking.

Gymbaroo Illawarra Creepers Crawlers creeping stage   Creepers Crawlers Obstacles Gymbaroo Illawarra

Nature will decide when the best time is for your child to start walking. In the meantime, they need to be challenged to creep up and down, over and under, through and around. This gives them the necessary confidence to start to move into an upright position where their view on everything changes. They need new balancing skills, adjustment of visual perception, and increased muscle tone in their legs.

Creepers Crawlers Kangaroo Rocker Gymbaroo Illawarra   Gymbaroo Illawarra Creepers Crawlers sensory


Your child will readily move around the hall looking for things to climb on, through and manipulate.
Their hand skills will become more purposeful over the next few months they will begin to deliberately reach and grasp for things they wish to explore. We will do lots of activities to strengthen these all important muscles needed for writing later on.

During mat time more emphasis is placed on body awareness, visual ,auditory activities and your child will start to take part in the music and singing activities – rocking along and moving with music and even beginning to imitate the sounds.

Creepers Crawlers Sensory Gymbaroo Illawarra

In this next stage of your baby’s first year they will be moving by themselves with deliberation and sit unaided. They will want to look touch, feel & smell everything! At GymbaROO we will continue to give you many enrichment activities & ideas to use at home, as well as a place where you and your child can play and learn together.