Non Mobile Babies – Building Better Brains

A 45 min Babies session will help your infant gain the important sensory-motor stimulation required for learning, which they would not necessarily receive during the course of a normal day.

Gymbaroo Illawarra Babies class sensory input     Gymbaroo Illawarra Non Mobile Babies class upside down

Enjoy quality time with your infant and learn how to provide activities to help him learn about himself and his world.  These activities offer plenty of tummy time and sensory stimulation (auditory, visual and vestibular). You will learn different massages, gentle movements and dances. You will learn how to develop your baby’s strength and flexibility.

Babies Non-Mobile Scooter Gymbaroo Illawarra   Gymbaroo Illawarra Non Mobile Babies class rocking

At this stage of development any way that you can rock, swing, sway, bounce or roll your baby will help develop their vestibular system which is so important for balance leading to crawling and creeping 

Gymbaroo Illawarra Non Mobile babies class swinging    Babies Non-Mobile Trampoline Gymbaroo Illawarra


Babies enjoy spending this time with one or both parents, and many grandparents come along also.  They do bubbles at mat time for visual stimulation and have a little mirror so that they can watch themselves and be encouraged to look up during tummy time, strengthening their neck muscles in preparation for movement.

Gymbaroo Illawarra Non Mobile Babies class bub and dad   Babies Non-Mobile mat time Gymbaroo Illawarra

BabyROO provides a wide range of songs, rhymes and poems to accompany the exercises which increase not only your child’s vocabulary but also improves his muscle tone and posture as well. Listening to music develops effective listening skills.

Babies Non-Mobile Sensory Gymbaroo Illawarra  Gymbaroo Illawarra Non Mobile Babies class music

Our treasure bag items (and flash cards) encourage your infant to adjust vision, to focus attention, and improve memory and speech at an early stage in development.

Our scooter boards are so much fun and an integral part of development at this age, developing the vestibular, balance, vision convergence and divergence, spatial awareness and speed and timing.  Such beautiful smiles and fun to be had!

Gymbaroo Illawarra Non Mobile Babies class bub and mum   Babies Non-Mobile Scooter Gymbaroo Illawarra

We use balloons, bean bags and manipulation objects to expose your little one to new and unique sensory experiences in order to enhance development and learning.  Our large equipment changes every three weeks giving different experiences and sensory input.

Babies Non-Mobile Sensory Equipment Gymbaroo Illawarra   Gymbaroo Illawarra Non Mobile Babies mirror

Our parachute activities stimulate your infants vision, orientation and space awareness, and it is lots of fun for the parents too!