4 Years – 5 Years (School Readiness)

Our School Readiness Program is the only one of its kind laying the groundwork for early reading / writing and preschool / school. As children’s control over all muscle groups is strengthened and fine tuned, they can start seriously concentrating on language skills.

School Readiness graduation Gymbaroo Illawarra   Gymbaroo Illawarra school readiness 3 and 4 years best pre-school activity

At this stage, they also start to learn to work in groups, to line up and to follow the leader.  Take instruction from the teacher with minimal help from the parent, and problem solve.  The sessions include counting, memory activities and visual exercises, finger rhymes and more.

School Readiness come and get your folder for sentences

Group dance becomes important as they develop timing, co-operation and technique to learn complex movements and complicated group and individual dances.

School Readiness group dance macarena Gymbaroo Illawarra

Of course, there is still the all important large equipment time where by now they love climbing ladders, jumping on trampolines and hanging upside down.  Strength activities such as wheelbarrows, brachiating across the monkey bars and climbing upside down up the wall are included.

School Readiness Strength Activity Climbing the Wall Gymbaroo Illawarra   School Readiness Strength Activity Climbing the Wall Gymbaroo Illawarra


Children also do aerobic,  cross pattern activities as well as perceptual motor programs and specific word visualisation and auditory stimulation.

School Readiness treasure bag time Gymbaroo Illawarra

It is a total program for posture, large movements, vision and fine motor, hearing and speech, and social behaviour and play that will truly have your child ready for Kindergarten.


School Readiness Cargo Net Gymbaroo Illawarra School Readiness Large Barrell Gymbaroo Illawarra School Readiness Obstacle Course Gymbaroo Illawarra School Readiness Jump and Crawl Gymbaroo Illawarra School Readiness Rocker Board Gymbaroo Illawarra

The twelve month program will see them progress from word recognition, to word snap, word lotto and in term four short sentences to copy.  Laying the foundation for right brain common sight word recognition.

Children will complete complex cross-pattern crocodile movements critical for wiring the two hemispheres of the brain correctly in readiness for school.  As well as many opportunities to cross the three midlines in complex and challenging ways.

Strength and co-ordination are a must for a child to gain control of their body to a point where they are able to sit still and listen in class.  Our School Readiness children are challenged in a way that promotes their self-esteem, body awareness and proprioception making them truly ready to learn.

School Readiness Ready to Jump at Gymbaroo Illawarra   School Readiness Set to Jump at Gymbaroo Illawarra    School Readiness Go Jump at Gymbaroo Illawarra