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Elise Turnbull


Owner/Admin: Elise Turnbull

My name is Elise and, along with June Dunne, I am the owner of Gymbaroo Illawarra.

Buying the business in January 2008 after 2 years assisting June is a happy progression for me. Both my children attended Gymbaroo from birth and enjoyed the fun, friendships and challenges that Gymbaroo offers. Watching them meet all their milestones and begin primary school well prepared has been a real joy.

For myself Gymbaroo was a great way to make friends, while watching my children develop the skills necessary for their future academic success. Using the teachers as a ‘sounding board’ for developmental concerns and useful advice was always very reassuring.

Gymbaroo continues to be a terrific program to impact childrens learning capacity in the all-important formative years from birth to five. Come and try it!